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Drainage and blockages

If you think that you have a blockage of your drains or pipes in your house this can be pretty nasty as it stops wastewater from leaving your property. Kieran Kelly Plumbing Heating & Gas Belfast can fix any drainage or blockage issues.

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All the sinks, toilets, showers, and baths in your house empty into the exact same waste pipe where it flows from your property into the street sewer and then onto the treatment plant. When wastewater is unable to flow away it can come back up from the toilet or sink, flooding your home.

If you are experiencing any of the signs of a potential blockage then contact us straight away:

  • You find it difficult to flush your toilet
  • Your sink or bath empties very slowly
  • You notice a bad smell coming from your drains

Call Kieran now for some free advice – 07934 776 774

drainage and blockages belfast

Call Kieran now for some free advice – 07934 776 774


Our other services include:

  • New builds
  • Refurbishments/extensions
  • Bathroom installations
  • Plumbing maintenance
  • Shower Installations
  • Replacements of hot water cylinders ( both pressurised and gravity fed )
  • Radiator replacements
  • Radiator add ons
  • Power flushing heating systems
  • Heating system upgrades
  • Boiler replacements ( both oil and gas )
  • Conversions from oil to gas
  • Gas fire services & safety checks
  • Gas hob and cooker services & safety checks
  • Gas cooker installations &removals
  • Gas hob Installations &removals
  • Gas fire installations &removals
  • Land lord gas safety records
  • Home owner certificates
  • Boiler break downs and repairs ( gas & oil )
  • Property management of plumbing and gas work available

Other plumbing, heating, and gas-related jobs can be provided, but are not listed.

Call Kieran now for some free advice – 07934 776 774

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