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Gas Boiler Servicing Belfast

Kieran Kelly Boilers, Heating, Oil & Gas provides an exceptional gas boiler service at an even more amazing price. We have serviced hundreds of gas boilers across Belfast and Northern Ireland and we service all the major brands.

Gas Boiler Services Belfast from £65* Contact Us today!

Gas Safe Register – Registration No. 557696.

BRANDS WE INSTALL, SERVICE, AND REPAIR: Firebird, Grant, Ideal, Vaillant, Warmflow, Worcester Bosch, and more.

Oil Boiler Services from £75*.

Call now to arrange your Gas Boiler Service 07934 776 774

Gas Boiler Servicing/Services Belfast and Lisburn from £65*

*terms apply.

Gas Boiler Service Includes:

  • Recording gas pressures:
  • SP (standing Pressure)
  • WP (working pressure)
  • MIN (minimum working Pressure)*
  • MAX (maximum working pressure )*
  • *min and max on non-condensing boilers only
  • Cleaning out condensing traps (on condensing boilers only)
  • Recharge expansion vessel (on pressurised systems)
  • Gas soundness test
  • Safety inspection of all you’re appliances
  • Try to save you money by making sure your boiler isn’t using more gas than it needs to.
  • Replacement/ guidance of any boiler components that are defective or nearing the time of replacement.
  • Presentation with gas service/preservation safety certificate such as print-out of flue gas analysis report.

We Don’t Just Offer Gas Boiler Servicing

Our other services include:

  • Gas Boiler breakdowns repairs and parts
  • Power flushing heating systems
  • Heating system upgrades
  • Boiler replacements (both oil and gas)
  • Conversions from oil to gas
  • Gas fire services & safety checks
  • Gas hob and cooker services & safety checks
  • Gas cooker installations &removals
  • Gas hob Installations &removals
  • Gas fire installations &removals
  • Landlord gas safety records
  • Home owner certificates
  • Boiler breakdowns and repairs (gas & oil)
  • Property management of Boilers, oil and gas work available

Gas Safe Register – Registration No. 557696.

  • Qualified to work on Domestic and Commercial.
  • Building Regulations: for Natural Gas + Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG).
  • Extension to Existing Heating System.
  • Flue Gas Heat Recovery Device.
  • Heating Controls Separate to Heating Appliance.
  • Heating Systems.
  • Hot Water System with Vented Hot Water Storage.
  • Hot Water System Without Storage.
  • Miscellaneous flued gas appliances.
  • Non-masonry flue.
  • Waste Water Heat Recovery Device.
  • Combustion performance gas analysis.
  • Domestic Cookers/hobs.
  • Domestic flued range cookers.
  • Gas Boilers.
  • Gas Fires.
  • Gas installation pipework.
  • Flue Liners.
  • Gas Water heaters.
  • Vented hot water storage cylinders.

Commercial Natural Gas + Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG):

  • Gas installation pipework.
  • Non-domestic air heating equipment.
  • Non-domestic hot water boilers.
  • Pipework testing and purging.

Other Boilers, heating, oil, and gas-related jobs can be provided, but are not listed.

Call now to arrange your gas boiler service 07934 776 774

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