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Oil to Gas Conversions

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Are you thinking of making the switch from oil to gas?

Over the years natural gas prices were usually more expensive compared to home heating oil. However, recently the price of oil has risen while the price of natural gas has fallen resulting in an increase in the number of homeowners switching from oil to gas conversion boilers as it’s cheaper and a cleaner fuel source.

  • Save money on heating costs.
  • A cleaner fuel source.

Oil Boiler Servicing Belfast

Making the switch from oil to gas.

Replacing your oil boiler with a gas boiler can lower your overall energy bill and it also decreases the level of harmful air pollution in comparison to oil fuel. Switching to natural gas can help you break free from price increases associated with home heating oil.

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All aspects of boilers, heating and gas in Belfast

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Other Boiler Services Include:

  • Replacements of hot water cylinders (both pressurised and gravity fed)
  • Power flushing heating systems
  • Heating system upgrades
  • Boiler replacements (both oil and gas)
  • Conversions from oil to gas
  • Gas fire services & safety checks
  • Gas hob and cooker services & safety checks
  • Gas cooker installations & removals
  • Gas hob Installations & removals
  • Gas fire installations & removals
  • Landlord gas safety records
  • Homeowner certificates
  • Boiler breakdowns and repairs (gas & oil)
  • Property management of boilers, heating and gas work available

Other boilers, oil, heating, and gas related jobs can be provided, but are not listed.

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